B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

CEF 119th Battalion Cap Badge WWI

This battalion was raised in Algoma and Manitoulin areas of Western Ontario


CEF 142nd Battalion Cap Badge WWI (lot # 1)

This battalion was raised in London, Ontario, with headquarters in London.


CEF 184th Battalion Collar Badge WWI

Has "prong" type attachments


WWI era CEF 144th Infantry Battalion Cap badge

Known as the "Little Black Devils". .


CEF 31st BCH (British Columbia Horse) Cap Badge WWI

This beautiful example is complete with both original lugs, horizontally mounted.


WWI CEF McGill University Field Artillery Battalion Collar Badge

lug style attachments in good order


CEF era 13th Overseas Field Battery Cap badge WWI

"Barricade Ammunition Column".


CEF 1st British Columbia Depot Battalion Cap badge WWI

Hallmarked "O.B. Allan"


Canada: WWI 2nd Divisional Cyclist Corps Collar Badge

welded stem lugs in excellent shape


General List Officers Cap badge

original tang type attachment in good order