3. Cap Badges collars & Badge Sets post 1953

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Windsor Regiment (Essex Regiment) Cap badge QC Era

A relatively large cap badge measuring about 2 inches across.


WW2 era cap badge for the 48th Highlanders of Canada.

The 48th Highlanders were formed in 1891


Canadian Coat of Arms badge

this badge portrays the current Canadian Coat of Arms from the QC era.


Canadian Army: Yukon Regiment Cap badge

high quality gilt metal badge with white metal overlay


QC era Canadian Scottish Regiment Cap Badge

very clean & in perfect condition


QC era Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps carded set of 5

Included are two early flashes which may be Korea or WWII era.


QC era Royal Canadian Army Dental Corps set of 4

Also included is an early Dental Corps shoulder flash


QC Era Regiment de Chateauguay Collar Device Set

lug type fasteners and cross pins on the reverse side.


QC era Canadian Armored Corps Collar Badge Set (2)

All have original lug type fasteners in good order


North Saskatchewan Regiment Cap Badge (lot #2)

has a tang type fastener


Canada: RSM (WO1) Rank Insignia (pre 1968)

Made of red felt with a bullion thread.


Royal Canadian Regiment Cap badge (modern)

in very shiny condition


QC era Grey & Simcoe Foresters Cap badge


Post '68 era WOI (RSM) collar set (2)

double pin back fasteners original and intact


Post '53 era Canadian Irish Fusiliers Cap Badge

both original lugs intact and in good order.


QC era United Nations Beret Badge

Enameling is 100%


QC era PPCLI Bi-metal Cap badge, Titles & Collar set (5)

very clean set


QC era Perth Highland Regiment Cap & Collar set (3)

In good condition with all original lugs


QC era Officer Grade Lincoln & Welland Regiment Cap Badge and Collar Dog Set (3)

Very clean - never worn


QC era Canadian Airborne Cap badge (lot#2)


QC era Lord Strathcona Horse collar set (2)

all original lugs in good order.


Post 1968 Multinational Observers Force Grouping


Post 1953 RCDC shoulder title set & collar badge (Dental Corps)

"spinner" type attachments on the collar


Post 1953 Canadian Army Service Corps Cap Badge (QC era)

very clean as issued.


Post '68 era Provost corps set (3)

very clean set - enameling 100%


Post 1953 era (QC) Lorne Scots Bonnet Badge

excellent post '53 example


Set of 3 Post war Queen's Own cap & collar Set

nice clean set


pre 1968 Canadian Army Infantry collar badge set

chrome in color


QC era Voltigeurs de Quebec set of (3)

all lugs in good order.


QC Era Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Cap & Collar set (lot#2)


In this catagory you will find some of our Cap and Collar badge sets from the post war eras. From 1953 to present day.
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