A3 The NEW Canadian Army Badge Series (Post 1970)

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Post 1968 Canadian Military Engineer's cap badge

This badge is "English only".


QC era Chaplin's Cap Badge

tang type attachment in good order


Post '68 era Canadian Navy Officer Cap Badge


Post 1970's Administration Corps Cap & Collar Set (3 pcs)

enameling is perfect on this set


Post '68 era Canadian Military Police Cap Badge (Lot#2)

an excellent example


Post 1970's Legal Corps Cap Badge


Post 1970's Logistics Corps Cap Badge

very good condition


Post '68 era Canadian Music Corps Cap Badge (lot#2)

near mint condition


Post '68 era Canadian Military Physical Education Cap Badge

near mint condition


Post 1968 Transport related Cap Badge

Hallmarked "Balfour"


Canadian Post '68 Uniform badge (Infantry related?)


UN Pilot's Uniform badge

good usable condition


UN Cap Badge (lot#2)


UN Cap Badge (lot#3)


Post '68 5 piece Logistics Set

an excellent 5 pc set.


Post '68 Canadian Army Legal Cap & Collar Set (3)

Collars have the typical pin back type of the period.


Post '68 Cap & Collar set (3) for Physical Education Trainer

military style lug type backings on the collars


Post 1968 era Combat Arms School Instructor Collar set (2)

original pin back fasteners intact and in good order.


Post 1968 Canadian Army Cap badge & Collar set (3 pcs)

all original attachment devices, in good order.


Cadet Leader Cap & Collar set

all attachment devises are in good order


POst 1970,s Administration Corps Collar Set (2 pcs)

all pin style attachments are in good order


Post 1970's Administration Corps Cap Badge

large enameled brass badge.


Post '68 era Canadian Navy Officer Cap Badge (lot#2)

tang is missing


Post 1970's Administration Corps Cap Badge (lot#2)

William Skully maker


Post 1970's Signals & Communications Cap Badge

near mint condition


Post '68 era Canadian Music Corps Cap Badge

excellent condition


Post 1968 "Education & Training Unitform Badge

"William Skully" hallmarked


Post 1968 Canadian Army Cap badge

has a turning wheel.


Post 1968 Uniform Badge (?)


Canadian Post '68 Cap badge (1984 dated)

hallmarked "Breadner-84"



In the year 1968, Paul Hellyer, who I knew personally, started instituting reforms to the Canadian Forces . These included, but were not limited to, the disbanding and bringing to "nil" force most of the prestigious regiments that had fought so valiantly during WWII and earlier. This process of attrition had started in the early '60's but was brought to fruition at the time of the election of Trudeau Ist.

One of the most apparent changes was the adoption of the new green uniforms. Trudeau's deep distain for the Anglos, was, I believe, the reason he decided to adopt these European style uniforms, and proceeded to remove any trace of our army's relationship to the traditional British style uniforms. (keep in mind they changed the flag in 1965, this plan was in the works since the early days of Rene Levesque)

As well, there was the replacement of most of the historic Commonwealth related regimental insignia with a new series of enameled badges, taken right out of the French Army's playbook. These were all corps related. (no more regimental history for you!)

 Many of these French Army style badges you may view in this category.

It is also noteworthy to recall that during this time, Trudeau instituted the Bilingualism Act. This resulted in, among other catastrophes, a new requirement that all servicemen, especially, officers, had to be bilingual. Well, in those days, there was not one in a hundred Anglos who could speak French. On the other hand, however, most likely nearly 100% of officer grade Francophones were bilingual.

This was the beginning of the departure of most Anglo officers form the military. Some refused to learn French, but many who opted for the French training offered by Trudeau, never succeeded in learning the language, most due to their age. My brother in law was a Lt Colonel, who fought in WWII, so I know all this from the Anglo side first hand.

 But, at least the badges are beautiful, but so is Versailles, and we know its history.