B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

WWI CEF 188th Battalion Cap badge

raised in Northern Saskatchewan in Prince Albert


CEF WWI 232nd battalion Collar Badge set (2)



CEF WWI 199th

Both original lugs intact and in good order.


CEF WWI 57th Cap Badge

Known as the "Bataillon Canadien Francais"


CEF WWI 113th Battalion Cap Badge

This battalion was raised in Southern Alberta, with headquarters in Lethbridge.


WWI CEF 210th Battalion Cap Badge WWI - Saskatchewan

excellent condition


CEF 43rd Infantry Battalion

With acomplement of 39 officers and 1,020 other ranks, the 43rd arrived in England on 8 June 1914. One of the first to serve.


103rd Calgary Rifles Reg't Cross Belt Badge 1910 Lot #2

all attachments present


CEF No.1 Construction Battalion Collar badge

of the "browning copper" variety, with real nice age patina.


WWI era 1st CEF Battalion Cap Badge (2nd Pattern)

"First to fight"