B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

WWI 147th CEF Battalion Collar Badge

The 147th sailed for England on November 14th, 1916.


WWI era 91st Battalion CEF

authorized on 22 December 1915


WWI CEF 201st Batallion Cap badge

A case for Conscription: There were too few recruits to fill the quota for the battalion, and it was disbanded in Canada.


2nd Battalion CEF (Eastern Ontario) Batallion Cap Badge WWI

A white metal "crown over 2" design


CEF 12th Battalion Cap Badge WWI

They came from the shops, farms, schools and factories of Eastern Quebec, New Brunswick , and Prince Edward Island ... and so they came...


CEF 244th batallion Cap & Collars Set (Boxed)

A clean "pickled" brass o/r badge set


CEF 82nd Battalion Cap Badge & Collar set (City of Calgary)

display box included


WWI 7th CEF Railway Troops Cap Badge (officer)

orignally called the 257th CEF Infantry Battalion


1918 dated WWI General List Cap badge (Lot #4)

A cross pin is included with this badge.


CEF WWI 121st Battalion Cap badge

All "tang" style lug attachments are original and in good order.