A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WWII era Canadian Women's Volunteer Reserve Corps Cap badge

both original lugs in good order


Post 1968 Multinational Observers Force Grouping


WWI era 59th CEF Battalion sweetheart badge

appears to be gold plated


WWII era Lincoln & Welland Regiment Cap Badge

all lugs are in good order


WWII RCAF Sweetheart pendant

interesting shape


KC Era Saskatchewan Border Regiment Cap Badge

a rare badge


WWII era North Waterloo Regiment Collar Devise

much rarer than the cap badge.


WWII era Veteran's Guard Cap & Collar Badge set (lot #2)

all lugs intact & in good order


WWI Era Royal Air Force Cap Badge - RFC

  made of browning copper


WWI era CEF Canadian Buffs Title set (2)

All original lugs and cross pins intact


Silver Cast RCAPC Cap Badge

Both lugs in good order.


Victoria & Haliburton Regiment (Peterborough Ontario)

come with original lugs and cross pins


WWI era Governor General's Foot Guards Shoulder Title

made of heavy brass


WWI era Canada title curved

all lugs in good order


Post 1953 RCDC shoulder title set & collar badge (Dental Corps)

"spinner" type attachments on the collar


RARE - Weyburn Regiment Collar Devise

lugs intact and in good order.


WWII era 7th/11th Hussars Cap badge

lugs and cross pin in good order


Post 1953 Canadian Army Service Corps Cap Badge (QC era)

very clean as issued.


WWII Era COTC Cap & Collar Set (3) for Saint of X University

all lugs original and intact.


WWII era small RCSIGS Sweetheart pin

hallmarked "Birks Sterling"


WWII era Canadian Technical Training Corps cap badge (lot #3)

Hallmarked "Scully Montreal"


CEF WWI era 190th Battalion Sweetheart

enameling is perfect, hallmarked "Dingwall"


Post '68 era Provost corps set (3)

very clean set - enameling 100%


WWI Era "Victory" Sweetheart Broach

hallmarked "Sterling Silver [ P.G.S.] "


WRCNS 50 yr Commemorative (Women's Naval Service)

hallmarked "Tri Mar".


WWII era RAF Enameled w/ jewels, Sweetheart Badge


Rare Canadian Air Force CAF 1920's Cap Badge (type 1)

very rare type


RCAF Celluloid Sweetheart Pendant (lot#4)


WWII Armoured Corps Sweetheart Broach


KC era Alberta COTC Cap Badge

welded stem lug type attachments