A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

KC era Copper Cliff Highlanders Cap Badge

Has a 765 number on the scrolling across the base.


KC era PPCLI Solid Brass Belt Buckle

with the characteristic "VP" motto


QC era PPCLI Bi-metal Cap badge, Titles & Collar set (5)

very clean set


Korea Era (1950) Canadian Scottish Shoulder Flash

grey felt with a black cheesecloth backing.


Queens Own Belt Buckle (Canada)

made of plated heavy bronze


QC Era Royal Canadian Engineers Corps Belt Buckle

made of heavy bronze


WWI era Canadian medical Corps Sweetheart (silver)

original straight pin attachment intact and in good order.


Rare Canadian Army Airforce CAA 1920's Cap Badge (lot#2)

both original lug type attachments in good order


WWII KC era Canadian Postal Corps Collar Badge (lot#2)

both original lug type attachments in good order.


QC Era Royal 22nd Reg't



WWI 100th CEF Battalion Sweetheart Badge (Winnipeg Grenadiers)

comes with a "Dingwall - Winnipeg" hallmark.


WWI era 31st Battalion CEF Sweetheart Badge

complete with pin back attachment


WWI era 211th CEF Battalion Sweetheart Pin

Enameling is excellent!


QC era Perth Highland Regiment Cap & Collar set (3)

In good condition with all original lugs


WWI 169th Battalion CEF Sweetheart Badge

original straight pin attachment


WWI era Royal Corps of Signals Sweetheart badge

enameling is still excellent


QC era Officer Grade Lincoln & Welland Regiment Cap Badge and Collar Dog Set (3)

Very clean - never worn


WW2 Canadian 22nd Regiment Bimetal Cap Badge (lot#2)

original lugs intact and in good order


WW2 RECCE 8th Reconnaissance Regiment Cap Badge

lug type attachments are in good order


QC era Canadian Guards Cap badge & cloth title

Both pieces are excellent


WWII era Canadian Legion Victoria Rifles Medal

issued to the Victoria Rifles Overseas Ass'n


QC era Canadian Airborne Cap badge (lot#2)


WWII Era Cap Badge for The Prince Albert & Battleford Volunteers

Both original lugs are in good order


WWII Era COTC University of New Brunswick Cap & Collar Set of 2

still has all original lugs.


QC era Lord Strathcona Horse collar set (2)

all original lugs in good order.


WWII era RCAF Officer Grade Beret Badge set (2) (lot#2)

a rare find these days


WWII era Canadian Women's Volunteer Reserve Corps Cap badge

both original lugs in good order


Post 1968 Multinational Observers Force Grouping


WWI era 59th CEF Battalion sweetheart badge

appears to be gold plated


WWII era Lincoln & Welland Regiment Cap Badge

all lugs are in good order