A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

QC era Cdn. Navy Diver Badge

for a Navy "Hard Hat" diver


CEF 9th WW1 CEF Mounted Rifles Metal Shoulder Title (lot#2)

Hallmarked "RJ Inglis limited"


WWI Era Cdn Army Service Corps Shoulder Title (lot#2)

hallmarked "Dingwall, Winnipeg".


WWII Prince Albert & Battleford Volunteer Shoulder Title

has both original lugs


Canadian single collar for the Irish Fusiliers (Vancouver Reg't)

in good order.


WWII Era Sweetheart Button pendant

a unique sweetheart pendant


Essex & Kent Scottish Regm't Cap and Collar set (3)

comes with cross pins intact


WWII era Canadian Infantry Corps Cap & Collar Badge Set (3)

excellent condition WWII badge set!


WWII era Canadian Infantry Corps cap badge.

first pattern WWII era


WWII Era Algonquin Reg't

 excellent overall condition


QC era Votigeurs de Quebec Officer Grade Cap badge

An interesting history worthy of research!


Post WWII RCN Petty Officer cap badge

clean and crisp!


WWII era 14th Canadian Light Horse Cap Badge

made of browning brass


WW2 era cap Badge for the Princess Louise Fusiliers (lot#2)

 "Wm Skully" hallmarked


British Kings ?? Title set (2)

Kings?? - You may know more!


WWII era West Nova Scotia Regiment Shoulder Title

nice browning brass patina


RCAC (Royal Canadian Armored Corps) Title set of 2


WWII era Canada shoulder title (lot#3)


WWI era Non-voided Canada Title


WWI era Canada title curved (lot#2)


WWI Era Canadian Army Medical Corps


WW2 era Halifax Rifles Cap & Collar Grouping

in excellent condition


Halifax Rifles Cap & Collar Grouping (officer)

very clean condition


WWII era Hull Regiment Cap badge

A reserve armoured Regiment


WWII era RAF Sweetheart Broach (lot#1)

hallmark (BWRS by Accessocraft)


WWII era RAF Sweetheart Broach (lot#2)

missing its straight pin attachment


KC Era Canadian Legion Winged Broach


WWII RCAF Celluloid Sweetheart Button Holler

"They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old".


Canada - WWII era Merchant Marine Officer's Collar set (2)

with button-holler attachments!


WWII RCAF Propeller Sweetheart Broach

a nice sweetheart commorative broach