8. Metal Shoulder Titles & Trade Badges

WW2 Royal Hamilton Light Infantry of Canada Title Set of 2

all lugs original and in good order


Canadian Ordinance Corps title set (2)

welded lug stems


Curved Hull Regiment Metal Shoulder Titles

Lugs are in good order.


229th Batallion CEF Shoulder title

served with the 6th Battalion Railway troops ..


Lincoln & Welland Brass Titles set (2)

A nice set for St. Catherines folks.


WWII era Canada shoulder title set (2)

included are the cross pins.


CEF WW1 Lewis Gun Trade Badge Devise

Comes with original cross pin and brass backing


WWI era King's Own Borderers Brass Title

comes with both original WWI era  "flat lug" type attachments


WWI era CEF Canadian Buffs Title set (2)

All original lugs and cross pins intact


WW2 era Calgary Highland Officer grade Shoulder Titles (set of 2).

made of polished brass and 


WWI era Governor General's Foot Guards Shoulder Title

made of heavy brass


WWI era Canada title curved

all lugs in good order


217th Battalion title set of 2 badge

raised in the Qu'appelle Valley region of Eastern Saskatchewan.


CEF 9th WW1 CEF Mounted Rifles Metal Shoulder Title

excellent condition.


WWI Era Cdn Army Service Corps Title

the badge is hallmarked "R'J' Inglis Limited"


!47th Battalion CEF shoulder title

a hard to find uniform attachment


WWI Era British Service corps title

lettering id large sized


Post '53 Hastings & Prince Edward Shoulder Title Set (2) (lot#2)


WWII era Peel & Dufferin Brass Shoulder Title

both original lugs intact


Post '68 "Canada" Title Set of 2

may be CWAC related


CEF 1st Battalion title WWI

may be Boer War era


Post WWII era Canada Title

Older style badge, probably 1960's era.


KC WW2 era British Columbia Dragoons Title set (2)

During WW2 this regiment was named the the 9th Armoured Regiment (BCD),


WW2 KC Sherbrooke Fusiliers Shoulder Title

both original lugs intact.


CEF 27th Battalion collar devise

both original lugs intact and in good order.


WWII era brass Highland Reg't Title


WWII era copper Highland Reg't Title (lot#2)

original lugs intact


"RCASC" (Royal Canadian Army Service Corps) shoulder title set of two (lot#2)

very clean & shiny


WWI era Canada title slightly curved (lot#3)

less curved


Drummer Uniform Trade Badge WWI era

Made of brass, with both original lugs in good order