A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

QC era Highland Fusiliers of Canada Bonnet badge

both original lugs in good order.


WWII era Perth Regiment (Motor) Cap & Collar Badge Set (3)

original lug type fasteners intact and in good order.


QC era Canadian Intelligence Corps Collar Badge


WWI era 45th CEF Battalion sweetheart badge or Officer Collar

straight pin attachment original and in good order.


WWI era 37th CEF Battalion sweetheart badge

Straight pin attachment is original and in good order.


post WWII era small Canada title

lugs & cross pins in good order.


WWII RCAF Sweetheart Bracelet


Modern era Post '68 Canadian Frontiersmen Cap & Collar Badge set (3)

"Scully" hallmarked.


Rare Canadian Air Force CAF 1920's Uniform Wings Badge


WWII era Women's Institute Pin

original cross pin in good order.