WWII era Cap & Collar set (3) Fusiliers de Sherbrooke

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Above are the scans for a WWII KC era Cap badge and collar set (3 pieces) for the "Fusiliers de Sherbrooke Regiment" Comes with all its original lug type attachments in good order. A nice brass badge in excellent condition.

Some History: Early in WWII the Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment, was formed with men from Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke and the Sherbrooke Regiment. Shortly after establishment, in 1941, the spelling was changed to "Fusilier", as in Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment (actually grammatically incorrect in the French language in the collective sense). This singular form of the name was then on the cap badge and shoulder title. Further evidence of the singular form of the regimental name is found on later issues of the cap badge, which, as you may view above, consists of a flaming grenade and a banner with the motto, "DROIT AU BUT" in French. The motto and the bomb were borrowed from Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke, which has a design, where in the center is a horse's head surrounded by the words "SHERBROOKE FUSILIER REGIMENT". (you may view one in our collection) The horse comes from the family coat of arms of Sir John Cope Sherbrooke, namesake of the home city. Only during 1940 was the regimental name plural, as you see above. Official Canadian Forces names are not to be translated haphazardly. After General Order 42/41 and General Order 62/41, the name 'Fusiliers' changed from the plural to the singular 'Fusilier' form. Its Royal Canadian Armoured Corps lineage, battle honours and armoured traditions are perpetuated by the Sherbrooke Hussars through the Sherbrooke Regiment. Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke is now an infantry regiment and shares those battle honours.

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