CEF WWI 179th Battalion Cap badge

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You are viewing a vintage CEF WWI179th Battalion Cap badge. Made ofsilver plating overcopper, with both originalhorizontallugs intact andin good order. This is a high quality design, made with the stamping method,with no chips or dents, but about 50% of the plating has been rubbed off the highlights, over the years. Note the"overseas"motif whichappearsunderneath the 179 rondel. No apparant maker mark. This battalion wasformed in Manitoba, with headquarters in Winnipeg, during the summer of 1916.Thiswas an average size battalion.The 922 members of the179th sailed for England onOctober 4th, 1916. Upon arrival they became part of the 17th Reserve Battalion supplying re-inforcements to otherbatallions fighting in France. Guaranteed 100% genuine. Our items are listed in US dollars.Forcredit cardpayment over the phone: 1-403-262-2397 (1:00pm to 5:00pm Monday through Saturday - mountain time!) or by contact us by email at creidm@gmail.com .We will also accept Paypal; click the link below. Notethat you must assume responsibility for loss in shipping if you declineour tracking / insurance offer. I will happily combine items to save shipping costsif you purchase other items as well... We accept prepaid authorized returns within 14 days of shipping, for full product credit, if you are not satisfied.