1922 Pattern Canadian Ensign Flag pin (3cm by 5cm)

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You are viewing the scans of a 1922 Pattern Canadian Ensign Flag pin. It is a large lapel pin (3cm by 5cm wide). with very good fine enameled colors and details. Has a 2 pin backing. This 1922 pattern lapel pin design is hard to find. Great for jackets and blazers, or just to remind us of what was perhaps a happier time in our country's history.

Truly, a centerpiece of 20th Century Canadiana. This Canadian Ensign, under which thousands of Canadian men and women fought and many died in WW2, Korea, Suez, Cyprus and other places; was replaced, under Lester B. Pearson, and the emerging Globalistic Liberal Government in 1965, by the "New Canadian flag". (but that fiasco is another story you won't hear about on CBC).

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Guaranteed 100% genuine.

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It is noteworthy that in 1914, at the beginning of WW1, when King George V of England declared war on Germany, Canada, not yet a fully independent country, was therefore automatically at war. We were still a colony, in essence, of Great Britain's empire, despite the BNA act..

However, the Canadian Army, under Sir Arthur Currie, proved itself so well during that war, and especially at Vimy Ridge in 1917. Our little army of farmers, cowboys, and store clerks broke through the powerful Imperial German lines and forged a salient nearly 30 miles deep into German territory, (by the way, that was never accomplished by either the Brits nor the mighty French army. Only we Canadian "bow-hunks" were able to do it)

As perhaps a direct result of this decisive victory, when the war ended, Canada had become a full-fledged and respected member of the world community of nations, and consequently signed the Armistice, (called the treaty of Versailles) in 1919, as an independent country, apart from Great Britain... Now a completely independent entity on the world stage, "The Dominion of Canada" as we were known then, became a founding member of the League of Nations. Canada was also a founding member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Now recognized by the world as an independent country, and flying the "Red Ensign" as shown above, Canada entered WW2 by declaring war on the Nazis, a few days after King George VI of England, made his declaration. Our only link with England then were our traditions, way of life, our love for the Motherland, our proud historic roots, and the British North America Act (which is the Canadian Constitution passed in the British Parliament in 1867) . This Constitution, as it has been justly called, was taken from the British Parliament, (where it was protected and could not be changed or altered), by Trudeau and his Globalist Liberal government of the day, and "repatriated" to Canada in 1982. ("repatriation" was not the correct word usage since the constitution was never in Canada to start with, but was a British Parliamentary law; ... just more political "jargon" - another word for "lies" or "Fake News"). This political act of the Canadian Parliament, would now allow our constitution to be changed and altered at the whim of the majority government; and of course, shortly afterwards, this resulted in the passing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (lots of rights but only one freedom) removing, perhaps forever, the old historic sense of "Freedom" as Canadians knew it then. Now our "rights & freedoms" are generally decided by powerful lobby groups or by lawyers and judges in our courts of law, not by the elected representatives of the people, nor even by a jury of citizens. You may remember the story about the young man who poured red ink all over the original Charter when it was on display in Ottawa. I wonder what that was all about?

"Oh Canada!" where have you gone, don't you care about your sons and daughters?"