C. British & Commonwealth Military Items

WWII era British Intelligence Corps (set of 3)

cap badge has the flat style lugs.


WW2 Australia Commonwealth Military Force Cap & Collar Badge Set (5)

all badges in good condition


WWII era Jewish Chaplain Badge

Has a "J.R. Gaunt London" hallmark


WWI Era Royal Garrison Artillery Cap & title set (3)

related to the garrison at Orkney


WWI Era Royal Garrison Artillery Cap Badge, Title set, Photos & Paperwork

from the WWI Scapa Flow era


8th Central Ontario Reserve Reg't

both welded stem lugs in excellent condition... 


Royal Scots Cap badge & Collar set (3 pcs)

Generally a hard to find set with the collars.


WWI - New Zealand Mounted Rifles Title

has the older flat lug style fasteners


Victoria crowned British Engineer Reg't Cap Badge (Lot#2)

original lug type fasteners intact and in good order


Canadian Militia Collar - Edwardian Crown

Haldimand Militia 1905