3. Cap Badges collars & Badge Sets post 1953

Loyal Edmonton Regiment Cap Badge - Modern

like new


Post 1968 Tri Service Beret badge (Lot #2)


Post '68 Cap & Collar set (3) for the Tri Sevice uniform

the grey in the scans is caused by  a shadow on the photo


Post '68 Cap & Collar set (3) for Physical Education Trainer

military style lug type backings on the collars


QC era PPCLI Bi-metal Cap badge & Collar set (3)

very clean set


QC era Nova Scotia Highlanders (North Novas) Cap & Collar set (3)

This bi-metal set is in excellent unused condition. 


KC era pre 1953 Royal Canadian Army Cadets

Both lugs are original and intact 


Nova Scotia Highlanders

 original lugs in good order 


QC Era Pre 1968 RCCS Cap Badge

made of copper!


QC era Highland Fusiliers of Canada Bonnet badge

both original lugs in good order.