1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

Honorable Service Veteran's Badge for Canada WW1 era

this badge has the characteristic penalty warning used to keep the "cowards" from escaping their just due.


CEF 69th Battalion Collar Badge WWI

Formed in 1915. This battalion was raised in Quebec, with headquarters in Montreal.


CEF WWI 132nd Battalion Collar badge set of 2

all lugs original and in good order


CEF 1st Canadian Construction Battalion Cap Badge & Collar set (2 pcs)

 responsible for tunneling, trench construction, roadways


CEF Canadian Ordinance Corps Badge set - Cap, Collars & title WW1

made of brass


10th Battalion CEF Battalion Cap & Medal set (2pcs) (lot#4)

all lugs original and intact 


217th CEF Battalion Collar Badge

may be an officer grade badge


CEF 242nd Battalion Collar set (2)Cap Badge (Lot #1)

In excellent condition 


WWI CEF 174th Battalion Collar set (2)

all lugs, original and in good order.


WWI 88th battalion CEF Collar badge set (2)- Victoria Fusiliers

well made solid examples