1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

WWI era Daughters of the Empire Pin

has a Birks-Ellis hallmark


WWI era Canadian Medical Corps Collar Badge Set (2)

have the flat pointed lug type fasteners


CEF WWI era Canadian 235th Battalion Cap Badge and Collar Set

lug type fasteners, all original and intact.


WWI era 51st Battalion CEF - Edmonton

excellent 3 piece set


WWI Era Set of 5 pcs - Canadian Military Staff Clerks

5 piece badge set


WWI era 56th Battalion CEF Cap &Collar Badge Set (3)

original lugs all in good order


WWI Empire Service League - ( Canadian Legion) LARGE

a large version cap badge


WWI Canadian Army

 dated  ... June 29, 1915


WWI era Canadian Military Police (Provost Corps) Shoulder Title (Lot#2)

WWI Provost Corps


CEF 68th Battalion title badge set (2)WWI - Regina Saskatchewan

made of brass, all lugs original and intact