1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

WW1 Corps of Military Staff Clerks Cap badge

all lugs original and intact.


CEF 61st Battalion Cap Badge & Collar set (2) WWI

Maker marked "R.J. Inglis Limited"


CEF 184th Battalion Collar Badge WWI

Has "prong" type attachments


CEF 4th Mounted Rifles, Cap Badge & Collar Set

all original lugs intact and in good order.


1924-1939 Kings Canadian Hussars Collar Badge

This Regiment became the 1st Hussars in 1892


CEF WWI 232nd battalion Collar Badge set (2)



CEF 244th batallion Cap & Collars Set (Boxed)

A clean "pickled" brass o/r badge set


CEF 82nd Battalion Cap Badge & Collar set (City of Calgary)

display box included


CEF WWI - 1st Mounted Rifles Cap Badge & Collar set

all lug type fasteners orignal and in good order.


WWI CEF 130th Battalion Cap & Collar Badge set (3)

These badges have all their original lugs.