WWII German Police Dress Dagger

Nicely Hallmarked. 


WW2 Era Nazi Party Button hole badge (Lot#2)

an original piece from WWII


WWII era Marksman Award - Hitler Youth

Marked RZM "M1/14".... 


WWII era Shooting Award - Hitler Youth

enameling at 100%


WWII era German Silver 2 Mark Coin

slight variances from coin to coin


WWII era SS field Cap

excellent example size 71/4 


WWII era German RAD Corps Field Cap

clean and original size 7


WWII Era German battle Flag

a well made COTTON replica flag 3X5


German WW2 Medal Certificate #3

This is a copy only!


German WW2 Medal Certificate #4

This is a modern reprint of a German WW2 Medal Certificate. ...