D. German Militaria

WWII era German Army Battle flag



Rare podium banner/flag

about 48 inches square


WWII era Large German Flag (signed by the captors)

2 meters by 3.35 meters


WW2 German Iron Cross 1st Class w/ Presentation Box

Has a #20 stamped on the cross pin


WW2 Iron Cross 1st Class w/spinner attachment

 # L-21 is stamped on the back of the spinner


Luftwaffe WWII era Observer Uniform Badge (Beobachterabzeichen)

Maker marked "GWL"


German WW2 Medal Certificate #3

This is a copy only!


German WW2 Medal Certificate #4

This is a modern reprint of a German WW2 Medal Certificate. ...


German WWI Flyer's Brest Badge

Guaranteed 100% genuine.


German WWI German Commemortive

Still has the original crossed ribbons..