B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

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CEF 32nd battalion Collar Badge (lot#2)


WW2 Battleford Light Infantry Collar Badge

both lugs intact


CEF Canadian Ordinance Corps Badge

 Note the absence of the "Royal" designation


WWI 195th CEF Battalion Cap Badge

Hallmarked "...ees & Co. 1916"


CEF WWI 217th Battalion Cap badge (Copper)

raised in eastern Saskatchewan


WWI CEF 65th Battalion Cap Badge

Hallmark is R.J. Inglis Limited


WWI CEF 54th Battalion Cap badge

one of the larger Battalions of WWI.


WWI 53rd Battalion Cap Badge CEF

a good price for this century old badge.


WWI Shoulder title set of two for the 79th Cameron Highlanders (lot#2)

clean condition -solid brass


WWI era 56th Battalion CEF Cap Badge

both welded stem lugs original and in good order


12345. . .373839