B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

WWI CEF 180th Battalion Cap & Collar set (3)

known as the "Sportsmen"


WW1 CEF 79th Battalion Collar badge set (2)

all original lugs intact and in good order.


WWI era Canadian Postal Corps Collar Badge (lot#2)

both original lug type attachments in good order.


WWI CEF 148th Battalion Collar badge (Lot#2)

both original lugs are in good order


WWI era 72nd Battalion CEF Sweetheart / Officer Collar

has a straight pin type attachment.


WWI era Canadian Army Medical Corps Collar Badge (officer)

may be a gilded badge


WWI General List Collar (Lot #5)

horizontally placed lugs.


WWI CEF 109th Battalion Cap Badge (lot#2)

complete with all original lugs.


CEF WWI 27th Battalion Collar Badge

complete with both lugs


CEF 196th battalion Cap badge WWI (Western Universities)

original horizontal pointed split-tangs intact