Fairbairn - Sykes Commando knife

used by Allied Comando forces during WW2.

WWII era Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Cap Badge (lot #2)

Both lug type attachments are original and intact...

WW2 era Free French Comando Cap badge

rare WW2 era Free French Comando cap badge.

8th South Canterbury Mounted Rifles New Zealand (Gallipoli)

This prestigeous regiment of New Zealanders, fought bravely at Gallipoli

1936 Berlin Olympics Press Badge

nicely hallmarked

48 Star United States flag - "Old Glory"

It measures approx 2.5 ft by 4 ft.

WW2 RCN Sweetheart pin (Sterling-Birks marked)

It is a minute copy od the cap ba

WWII era Cap badge for the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers (PCMR)

has both tang type fasteners orignal and intact.

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